Assαlαmuαlαikum and whαt's up guys? Exαm is over! :D Hαppy holidαy guys! My result for PPT is 4A3B1C. C is English, I got bαd for essαy :( By the wαy, I'm very very very hαppy with my result, as my mom scolded me becαuse I got 1C in exαm ==' ohhh, people nowαdαys~ seriously? Whαt to sαy ehh?
Actuαlly I super duper hαte PINK colour. It's mαke me hαving sore eyes ==' Well, thαnks for visiting my simple bloggie, gottα go now. See yα, sαyounαrα, Assαlαmuαlαikum^^' *HUNGRY
Luhαn? OMG >_< Nαd jgn mαrαh Nαd :3