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--Imagine Baekhyun as your handsome guy classmate--

*inside the classroom*

Baek: Hi *your name* what are you going to wear tonight, at Sehun's b-day party?
You: Uhhmm, maybe a black dress with stripes on top?
Baek: Ohh, I see.
You: How bout you?
Baek: Just see later~you: Just tell me!~ I told you mine so you better tell yours too.
Baek: It would be a surprise girl.~ Just wait tonight
You: Okay.~

--later, at the party--

Baek: Hey~
You: Who are you?
Baek: You don't know me? Hey its Baekhyun!
You: *look at him from head to toe* Wow! You looks so manly! Why did you wore that toxido?
Baek: Cause I wanna dance with you *your name*... is it okay?
You: *shy face* Yeahh...*both of you dancing sweetly*
You: Baek, your gay right?
Baek: What?! You really think i'm a gay?!
You: Yes. Why?
Baek: I'M NOT! Actually I love someone...
You: Ohh... So who's that special girl?
Baek: YOU!