Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo. So my Final Exam gonna be on 18th October. I know it's around 2 weeks more but ya know time is priceless. Lol. What the hell is that? XD So gonna watch movie on 5th October titled "G R A V I T Y". I'll watch it alone in the cinema, I mean 'hangout' lonely without friends. Tch, should I call them as my friends? Seriously? The one who'd always talk something shit behind us? Ergh, those stupid moments, I won't forgive ya. But one of the philosopher said that "just forgive and let go" , so should I forgive you or? Okay lol. I'm tired of being annoyed and cheated with my own 'friends'. Currently, don't have any true friends, even my vampire also worst. Btw, I've created 2 new blogskins. Should I put it on blogskins . com or just keep it in my laptop for ages? Lol. Exam gonna be for 4 days. Not too long for form 2 students. It's okay la, btw for Raya Haji, there'll be no school on 12th - 16th October. Woohoo! Rest + study for 5 days. Hope gonna get best result for this year. Btw tomorrow the GA will end, hmm, do you guys excited? Lol like a promoter asking a cute kid. Okay adios