well holla fellas. so ssup? i'm out of words right now since pt3 is over yet pbs still ongoing. ugh. but all the textbooks already school's except japanese. oh-oh. sushi king haram or halal? lel. since sensei not going to bring us there right after our so-called-new principal asked; "haram tak?". ehem, mafhum je ye. yet sensei'll bring us to the food court of jusco and i was like whaaatt?! sedap ke? yet i won't be there as i'll be joining handball team u-14. i repeat, U-14! i should be in u-16 team but they follow the AGE. LIKE WTH. CAN I LIKE TARIK DIRI UGH. plus, cikgu belum set main player lagi so yeah. tsk tsk. what a life.

"no 5A, no highschool bm" said mr principal.
nah. but gred belum tahu lagi right? yet markah geo spoil my mood. ugh. hopefully gred turun, hewhew.

speechless then bai. *okay kilat sebelah je tadi fuh fuh*

"we do always have choice. but sometimes we don't." said faza's mind.