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Annyeonghaseyo! Hmm, actually last night was a bad dream or a happy dream? I think both of it. I had bad endings. Let me story about my dream. Story time! xP
My family and I went shopping at Queensbay Mall at Penang. On the Penang Bridge, suddenly I got a vision
that the bridge gonna collapse. I thought it's just my imagination, so nothing happen. YET. We reached Queensbay. While we're shopping, I saw some form3 girls. They're kak Yana and her GANG. Not her FAMILY. Maybe they're hangout. Then I saw kak Farahin and her FAMILY. Like what the hell? Meet some seniors at the shopping mall? Nonsense. Then, we went back. As usual, using the Penang Bridge. You know right there must be 'jam' on the bridge. Suddenly, the bridge 'shaking'. So I went out of my car. Then the bridge collapse. I saved. ONLY THAT TIME. Then I already DEAD. Because? Of this.

Nonsense pic.

The 'pole' thing, goes through my body. My mind keep thinking, how would I survive with that situation? Then I'm awake from sleep with some sweat on my forehead. Eventhough I've turn on my air-con. Woo, bad endings. My bad-dream is almost same like Final Destination 5. Bridge collapse. Oww yeahh. LOL. Sorry to make you guys to read this nonsense and boring story. Do comment^^