Okay. Here's the thing. Growl MV have 'ghost'? Haha, I mean seriously, I think they/he/she/it doesn't exist. Nvm. Just think postive, that'll be better~

This pic is at 2.11 in the MV. Did you see that? There's someone or something behind the mirror. Btw, I got new info bout that place.Source from tumblr & twitter. Shooting place is at Shindongshin Indsutrial High School. So here's what I found on google.
"Known as the school of horrors, which is further perpetuated by the factory-like building of the school. Has extreme school violence issues. Most famous for its students terrorizing the neighboring Kyungmoon High School and beating the students to a pulp for no apparent reason".
This school listed on 10 most horror school in Korea. Some students suicide in that school. I think they have many problems in student's disciplines. That's why that things always happpen. Do you scared? Yes, I am. But why SM still wanna shooting for Growl MV at that place? I mean didn't they know about the history of that place? They should know bout it earlier.
EXO growl mv is located at an old school located at Shindongshin Industrial High School (seoul).
The school was recorded as the most horrible school because of frequent bullying actions among students and numbers of students who commit suicide due to the school's pressure.
Before, SM staff has been given told not to use this warehouse but SM keep forcing to use this warehouse as Growl's MV location.
Then they opened the warehouse after 7 years because 3 students comitted suicide there at the same time.
EXO MV shooting started at 8PM - 3AM. Before, some EXO members, Sehun, Luhan, Xiumin & Chanyeol felt a little "ill". Sehun heard his mother calling him, Xiumin felt sleepy, Luhan saw someone but the entire crew said it was only them. Chanyeol saw Baekhyun running out when the real Baekhyun was with Kyungsoo. 

Ok la. Stop until here. I'll be more scared if I continue writing. K leggo!