this picture was taken in turkey and it is mine.

It was rainy before a little girl went strolling at the abandoned park alone while voicing out some lyrics she found somewhere. Before her mouth shut, she saw a thin and pale faced guy behind the bench, 'kissing' an animal's neck, she supposed it was a cat as it was quite tiny and hardly breathe. Oh, it was a boy. She really need to wear spectacles as soon as possible. A boy, maybe a few years older than her.

"Wait, is he staring at me?" her heart spoke. Her legs were all rooted as she was also staring at him.

"Okay... so now... what... should... I... " before her heart finished her sentence, a voice came out, "Hey,"
So hey guys it's been a while aha. halamak cliche punye intro but it's okay it's alright as my mid year's results wasn't so bad. AT LEAST MY HISTORY PAPER WAS BETTER THAN THE OLD ONES. KAH. But for others, manyak menurun but it's okay it's alright. kah.

Looks like i'm in a situation where i need money urgently. kah. I thought that every post I wrote was the same, "money". Lewl. But this one is real. Since I need to pay off those moneys for a trip to a school in Pattani which cost RM300 exclude shopping! Luckily i'm not the type who loves shopping *coughs* but for online shopping that was absolutely me. kkkk

I've started reading books, again. It's been a few months since I stopped reading materials and stuffs. Yet, I've a lot of novels, especially fixi books. Really need to get rid of them a.s.a.p huh
I've got a lot of stories to share here but unfortunately, not now. If you guys have anything to ask or to say to me please contact me via ask.fm, twitter and instagram. If you don't mind leave a follow too! kkk support me here shop *throws confetti*
Hope to hear from y'all soon. kkk