Assalamualaikum. It's collapsed. THE BRIDGE COLLAPSED. I mean the second Penang bridge collapsed. Ohmygod, luckily it's the second bridge. Does nightmares always happens in real world? Shit, what i'm talking about. Awhhh, two days at school, yeah, we had a great time there. Finally I can wear Kimono for the second time! >_<
The first one was at SMK Bukit Jambul, last year. Now I must pack my bags for hostel. What the hell? I don't wanna go back to hostel TT_TT But I can't wait to see Vampire. I hope she's not angry. Yeah, I forgot about homeworks, Geo and Maths. We're not doing anything for now. Just collecting trashes. That's the easiest project. Like this and this. Hehehe. Arigatou^^