[FACT] Suho & Sehun are the earliest to sleep. One is to grow taller, and the other is for beauty sleep.
[FACT] When Kai was young, his parents send him to a private institute to learn Taekwondo and play the piano.
[FACT] Before debut, Sehun called Tao 'hi Hyung' and at the moment, Tao didn't know Korean too much, then Tao replied 'hi Noona'..
[FACT]Kris dislikes EXO's song History because he failed History at School.
[FACT] Luhan first impression of Lay was that he was bit 'yellow'.In Chinese,yellow means pervert.But Luhan mean that his hair was yellow
[FACT] When Kai wants to ask food from Lay, Kai will use his aegyo.Lay can't help but to give up..awww!! *cute moment*

(Cr. EXOfficial)

K bored. Dude, 100m and 4X100m are for running not jogging. Pffft -.-