Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo! Finally. My final exam was overr ! Ow yeah. btw already got marks for Geo, KHidup and Maths. Hmm, guess what. Geo (76) KH (83) Maths (91) Alhamdulillah, but Geo a little bit more will got A T.T but nvmd. Hmm, for Maths . . . I'm freaking angry with myself, a little bit more will get 100 T.T shht. but nvmd :3 btw for those winners, i'm so sorry cause the stuffs not yet arrived T.T jeongmal mianhae ! I order AGAIN and he said the stuffs gonna arrive on 22nd November. I hope you guys can wait for em ^.^ Hmm, my shirts already arrive ! >_< kinda excited but 3 shirts got wrong order, but one I cancel it bcause it's S size so I'll just accept it, but for the 2 wolf shirts, I got red - XL and black - M. Hmm, I ordered red both, 1 S and 1 M. T.T I'm trying to ask her but . . . idk yet. Well I'm really-really happy that my shirts arrived well ^^ eventho it's 3 month already T.T Jeongmal mianhae Suho, Shindong, Kyungsoo and Vampire ! Hmm, talking bout vampire . . . hmm, idk I have to much things to talk about her >_< btw I realized that now I'd love to create new quotes that related to my life and other people. Huh whatever lah. Wah, this entry is too much! Probably bcause too miss to write post in my cute blog. Lol. Thanks for reading my entry eventho it's too long, and I know nobody gonna read it T.T Adios :)

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