Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo. Alhamdulillah, my English got band 4 otl. Nahh, just read my title post there. I bet you guys will think Jin's MV with Xiumin right? Well no actually it's about my personal life. Ergh, just vampire already gone. No I mean not in the school. Not dead lol. Kinda sad. Well act at first I hope she'll stayback a lil bit today but . . . she went back too early. Yeah, SPM girl, no school for today plus need to clear things in hostel. Arh, I hope she'll stayback bcs I wanna hug her and ask her to take a pic with me and take her signature, but it just a dream. Well, you know right your feelings when your bestfriend leaving the school. Sad isn't it? I guess I should forget her so I won't cry everyday. But how? Bcs she give me her bag, so I'll remember everyday. Yep, love is painful. No I mean friendship lol. I'm not like that! Just need sister. I don't have any sister, only have 2 elder brothers and 1 lil brother. Aaa, the only girl! Ohya, vampire named Farahin for short. I'm scared bcs, many bloggers named Farahin, so IF they bw my blog, they'll leave their footprints on my cbox named "Farahin". I'll miss her dude. Gee, I hope my schoolmates or vampire herself won't read this post. Slap maself. Do change your name yah if you named Farahin. Hihi. Okay I wanna change topic maybe Rojak language, nah who cares?

Kpop songs and English songs have difference ?

Okay, topic ni aku bengang sgt. A lil conversation with my junior in my dorm; [I use hmpa, sorry i'm from Penang lol]
Junior: Nak pergi umrah, tapi asyik dengar lagu Korea tu, tambah2 EXO.
ME: Oh so hmpa maksudkan yg lagu Korea ni berdosa eh?
Junior: Eh, bukan la. Just insaf la sikit, asyik Korea je.
Aku malas nak layan dia. Kalau boleh aku nak jawab + bash je budak ni. Pendapat aku. Dengar lagu Korea dosakah? Serious? Yang aku tau kalau lagu tu melalaikan iyelah dosa. Tapi aku pelik. Asal eh, bila aku pasang lagu Kpop. Mesti ade je diorang nk tegur dosalah insaf lah apalah. Kenapa bila aku pasang lagu omputih diorang tk cakap ape2 mcm diorang kata kt lagu Kpop ? Diorang ni macam dah anggap yg Kpop or Korea tu berdosa and lagu bhs lain tk berdosa la eh ? Aigoo, both of them are songs, same. The differences is only LANGUAGE. Go die bitches. Sorry aku tkdak mood sbb vampire dh tkda, sbb tu aku main taip je ape yg ada dlm kepala hotak aku ni. Nak minta tolong korang aka hmpa boleh ? Komen sikit pendapat or pengalaman yg lebih kurang mcm aku, boleh ? Pleasee :> Thanks

My Nickname?

So, many people asked me bout this. My name "Zack" for guy but i'm girl. Repeat. I'm GIRL. So let me tell ya how the hell the name came from. Ehem, name name starts with "F" and "Z". If you pronounce both letter, it'll be like "elF" and "Zack" right ? Act, I wanna put Elf Zack but I'm not Suju's fan so I just put "Zack". I think my explaination all complete lol. Adios. Please leave a comment as your footprints^^