Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo. Hmm. I'm back again. Lol. Got all my final exam results. Like omg. Dropped 1 A. From 4As to 3As. Alhamdulillah. Still got A right. But yeah, if my parents know my result, damn it. No wifi for next year! Even for a minute! T.T Eventho we don't have PMR, but still got PBSMR and HOTS thingy. Ergh. Those things are sucks. Ruined my life. Lol. That's too over I guess. Btw am I deserved to be lonely? Ahaa, forever alone, yeay T.T. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to do some freebies now. The Infinite header is already half way. Jeongmal mianhae ! Oh yea, just watched Insidious chapter 1 last night. Umph! I'm such a coward. Watched with vampire. Last night also I slept with her cause I'm too scared of that movie and can't sleep well either. Lol. Too over right? Well, tomorrow gonna watch Insidious chapter 2 with classmates or vampire. Idk. Will ask them later. But surely I'm not that brave to watch LONELY. *forever alone* The movie is freakin interesting. I wanna watch chapter 2 but . . . my money now left only 10sen. And i'm not lying because I spent too much for vampire's shirt. Shht. Just shut up. Thanks for reading even nobody gonna read my posts T.T Okay gotta go. Adios.